Top 5 universities should international students be looking at

International students are often faced with the difficult decision of choosing a university to attend. Luckily, there are many great universities to choose from internationaly.


One of the world’s best engineering universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offers top-notch Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in various fields through its five schools and college. Besides providing an excellent academic environment, MIT has numerous student organizations that enable students to pursue their extra-curricular interests. What makes MIT even more attractive to international students is its open courseware initiative where lecture notes, exams, and other teaching materials are available online free of charge. In addition, MIT offers numerous scholarships ranging from full-tuition scholarships to departmental and faculty scholarships for international students.


Harvard University is one of the most well-known universities worldwide. It offers top-quality education in various fields through its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and other graduate and professional schools. Specializing in arts & sciences subjects, Harvard also has several pre-college degree programs that grant a Harvard College degree after four years spent at university instead of going into the US college system directly from high school. Besides providing world-class education, Harvard University also offers excellent student life as it boasts over 400 student organizations that exist to support academic and non-academic pursuits. Also, Harvard University has a need-blind admission policy for domestic and international students alike.


Undoubtedly one of the oldest universities globally, Oxford University provides academic excellence in a diverse range of subjects through its 38 constituent colleges. All courses are taught by faculty members who either hold doctorate degrees or higher. Other highlights include a coursework system for both undergraduate and graduate-level courses and small group teaching sessions with professors known as supervisions where class sizes remain below ten students. In addition, student life at Oxford is great as it features over 500 active student organizations that support academic and non-academic pursuits. Oxford also offers numerous scholarships, including an almost full-tuition scholarship to international students from developing countries worldwide.


Like Oxford University, Cambridge University is a globally recognized university that provides excellence in education through its 31 constituent colleges. All courses are taught by faculty members who hold doctorate degrees or higher, and most colleges have libraries, dining halls, and accommodation for students, which allows for a more intimate academic environment. In addition, student life at Cambridge includes over 400 student organizations to support academic and non-academic pursuits. On top of everything else, Cambridge also offers numerous scholarships ranging from full-tuition scholarships to individual subject scholarships for international students wishing to study in the UK.


Another public university, the University of California, is a well-known institution offering first-rate education through its ten general campuses. The university offers excellent undergraduate and graduates degree programs in various disciplines, home to both world-recognized faculty members and hardworking students. Besides providing a great academic environment, student life at UC provides an array of activities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, including over 670 student organizations devoted to interests outside the classroom. On top of everything else, UC also has a generous financial aid program where international students can apply for either partial or full tuition waivers depending on their financial situation.

The top 5 universities are the five that every international student should be looking at. They all offer a great education with opportunities to learn about different cultures, languages, and more.